The full moon is nearly upon us…

Chandra L Perkins is an aspiring novelist of dark fantasy, crime, and goth drama. Home based in California USA.

I’m currently in the process of a work I’m calling Project THONA, what that stands for will be revealed hopefully by June of this year.

This is my Authors’ Blog where you’ll find content for what’s going on in dark fantasy, crime writing, and goth drama genres. I’m also writing poetry lately to share with you.

You can find me on Twitter here. If you’d like to let me know a current event happening in my genre and would like my take on it, feel free to let me know. Also tell me you’re from my blog.


On Wattpad here. Where right now you can read some short stories from my earlier collection. I plan to start adding some longer more novella type stories very soon. So look for that.